Making it's debut right after the Pi2 is the Pugio by Hyon USA. This is the industry's first bottom airflow intake system design for an atty. The posts on this piece are outstanding and make building a breeze!

These are currently available only through Authorized Hyon Dealers. Langleys Vapes is the proud Official Hyon Dealer for the Northshore.

Call today and be one of the first to own this breakthrough in design!

Pugio Atty by Hyon USA

World's first adjustable bottom airflow intake system atty!

This extremely anticipated and highly sought after piece is a complete game changer in the world of Attys. Reserve your Pi2 by Haus of Zombie today.

These are currently only available through authorized Hyon dealers. We are proudly the Official Hyon Dealer for the Northshore. 

Call today and be one of the first to own the World's first postless atty!

We do not currently sell all our inventory online. We do welcome phone orders and Paypal for certain inventory items. Please contact us by phone at 985-400-5456, and a Specialist can help you. We charge $5 dollars shipping on most items plus paypal fee if you are using paypal. We ship out USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate for most purchases.

π 2 (Pi2 by Haus of Zombie)

​World's first postless atty design!